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Leg Wraps

Also known as winingas, puttees, or winkelbander

Legwraps are common in the medieval period.  Examples exist in art, as well as in Anglo-Saxon and "Viking" grave finds.


Researching legwraps for my partner's medieval clothing, I came across an website by Peter Beatson that had done most of the research for me (

The information I used to design my legwraps is summarized here:

  • Primarily 2/2 chevron twill/herringbone (Beatson reports that the twill is uneven, but my modern sensibility likes the symmetry too much!)

  • Warp: average 10-18 threads/cm  (25-46 epi)

  • Colour: contrasting warp and weft (examples of undyed as well as lichen purple, woad blue, and red and yellow dyes)

  • Size: 7.5-10cm (3"-4") wide x 2.5-3m (~9') long 

2/2 chevron twill in 2/16 wool at 36 epi. Blue warp, white weft.

2/2 twill in 2/16 wool at 36 epi. Yellow and burgundy in the warp, burgundy weft

Weaving process

Winding the warp

Winding the warp in 2/16 wool

Dressing the loom

Dressing the loom

Experimenting with patterns

Experimenting with patterns



Leg wraps

Off the loom

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